Fish Conservation: A Guide to Understanding and Restoring Global Aquatic Biodiversity and Fishery Resources

Fish Conservation: A Guide to Understanding and Restoring Global Aquatic Biodiversity and Fishery Resources

Fish Conservation: A Guide to Understanding and Restoring Global Aquatic Biodiversity and Fishery Resources
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This college level text is designed to give the reader a reasonable base of knowledge on fish conservation from which to continue study in more detail ... Helfman summarizes the current body of knowledge on fish diversity, species degradation and restoration, and long-term sustainability via an ecosystem perspective."
, Wildlife Activist

"This work is unique because it deals globally with fish, rather than fisheries conservation ... Helfman writes in a disarmingly candid and often colorful style, and provides many case examples and vignettes."
-- F.T. Manheim, CHOICE

"Thorough, thought-provoking, factually deep, and conceptually wide, this is an awesome, excellent book. Fish Conservation will be one of those rare, special books constantly called upon to furnish facts and settle arguments. The author's touches and flourishes give a sense of personal warmth unusual in a reference book. Destined to be a classic."
-- Carl Safina, author of Song for the Blue Ocean and Voyage of the Turtle

"Professor Helfman has produced a monumental treatment of a critical endeavor—to halt the global decline of fish diversity and conserve the rich array of species and assemblages that populate our freshwater and marine ecosystems. Packed with fascinating details, conservation success stories and tragedies, practical advice, and personal perspectives, this book will be indispensable for scientists, fisherfolk, water managers, and conservationists. Thank you, Gene, for this splendid culmination of your lifelong efforts to 'give something back to the fishes.'"
-- Angela Arthington, Professor, Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

"In Fish Conservation, Helfman provides a clear analysis of the state of the world's fish fauna and fisheries, and he takes away our excuse of ignorance for not engaging in major efforts to conserve fish abundance and diversity. This book is a benchmark for the status of fishes worldwide and should be within arm's reach of every aquatic and fisheries biologist. In years to come, it will help us answer the question, 'How well are we doing?' in fish conservation."
-- Peter B. Moyle, Center for Watershed Sciences, University of California, Davis

"As an ichthyologist, Helfman blends conservation with the science that must underlie any meaningful conservation effort. A truly excellent book and a valuable contribution to our understanding of biodiversity issues."
-- Phil Pister, executive secretary, Desert Fishes Council

"The work is lively, with references to popular works by famous marine environmentalists and writers who have focused on oceanic issues....This well-written textbook, with its occasional signs of flair, is comprehensive, modest, and alarming."
, Electronic Green Journal

"This is truly a wonderful, well-written, coherently organized book... this book belongs in the hands of not only fishery managers and fish conservation professionals, but anyone with a love for fishes. Moreover, it belongs in the hands of anyone who would ask 'Why should I care about fish?'"
, Natural Areas Journal

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