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FINS, A Novel of Relentless Satire
SKU: 979-8-88679-275-1


Pirates catch sharks in a marine reserve, lop off their fins, and discard the sharks for dead. A series of puzzling, apparently related shark attacks follows, suggesting that sentient sharks are cooperating to exact more than revenge. The carnage escalates until a brilliant, beautiful, beleaguered forensic technician—risking probable death and certain dismemberment— discovers the secret behind the attacks, revealing much more than was bargained for. Profits donated to shark conservation.

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The Diversity of Fishes: Biology, Evolution and Ecology 3rd Edition by Douglas E. Facey, Bruce B. Collette, Brian W. Bowen, and Gene S. Helfman
SKU: 978-1119341918

The third edition of The Diversity of Fishes is a major revision of the widely adopted ichthyology textbook, incorporating the latest advances in the biology of fishes and covering taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, biogeography, ecology, and behavior. Key information on the evolution of various fishes is also presented, providing expansive and conclusive coverage on all key topics pertaining to the field.

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