National Awards!!!

Nov 08, 2022 by Gene Helfman

Free Willy taught the world what we in the Pacific Northwest already knew: orcas are amazing and shouldn't be held captive. The Cove horrified us at the slaughter of dolphins and the capture of others for the marine circus/slave trade. Blackfish enraged us at Tilikum's treatment in captivity. And Tahlequah's 17 day tour of grief bearing her dead calf alerted the world to how intelligent and compassionate orcas are. 

            My recently released, highly acclaimed novel, Beyond the Human Realm, brings all those incidents and concepts together and into focus. It takes place in the region, has won two national Animal Fiction awards (2022 National Indie Excellence Award and 2022 Readers View Award), plus received numerous positive professional reviews. The novel is of unquestioned interest to folks in the PNW and beyond.